Bridal magazines are just broken records

I arrived home from work this week to find a brown box on my doorstep. And instead of a Forever 21 brand emblazoned on the front, there was a handwritten ‘To Pippi, with love, Mama x’. There was no anniversary or birthday or anything I could think of that explained the gesture but, well, who … Continue reading

Wedding trends that aren’t trending anymore

A gravelly, primal ‘Noooo, that’s not right, surely!’ finds it’s way out of my mouth whenever someone says something ridiculous like ‘Yeah, 2004, that was TEN years ago’. In my mind, ’10 years ago’ was more like 1995. I still ask people what they did for NYE in 1999 and don’t judge them if they … Continue reading

Can you really afford to go to a wedding?

What I love about my mum is that, underneath her ability to make lifelong friends by saying hello in her big-but-warm singsong breeziness and successfully pull off the beige-on-beige look, she is a straight shooter. Among the ugly arguments from my teenaged years – which stretched out to my 20s and remarkably, and rarely (thank … Continue reading

The 5 types of people that stress brides out

Just try to get through one bridal magazine without seeing an article about stress. True brides, the mags will tell you, have to be doing some stressing of some kind. Why else would they come out with the obligatory ‘How To Have A Stress-Free Wedding’ or ‘Are You A Bridezilla? Take Our Ultimate Test’ every … Continue reading

Friends with (work) benefits

About ten years ago, I heard a quote from the very last episode of my favourite show, The Office. The original one. The UK one. The one where David Brent finally tells Chris Finch to eff off at the work Christmas Party. The Office, to me, wasn’t ever about David ‘Free Love on the Free … Continue reading

Married, with parents

So, OK I moved out of home in 1997. I was 19 and, as coincidence would have it, Jebediah’s ‘Leaving Home’ was dominating the charts. I wasn’t really getting along with mum. Nothing serious, but leaving would save some tears and tantrums – namely mine. I remember telling her I was moving in with my … Continue reading

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap… seriously

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap, said the glorious Dolly Parton. Whether it’s boobs or bunting, the lady has a point. I’m talking about those so-called simple, indie, non-traditional weddings. You know, the ones where you’re not sure whether you’re at a wedding or an unsettlingly perfect backyard picnic straight out … Continue reading

Let’s talk about Pinterest

There’s really only a handful of circumstances when talking about the intricate details of your wedding before someone’s actually put a ring on it is kind of acceptable. I mean, when I was about 8-years-old, it was perfectly OK for me to bang on for eternity about how my wedding dress was going to look … Continue reading