Comparing my honeymoon to The Amazing Race

So the Mister and I are about to wrap-up a year of engagement, uuuh, hood.

And as we have so much of the wedding locked away… Well we don’t really, we have the big ticket stuff sorted… like a $250 deposit on the reception venue and our photographer ‘pencilling in’ the date (what, no pen?) and that’s about it.

I feel really organised :/

Oh and I’ve booked off six weeks around the date of the wedding for the obligatory honeymoon.

Honeymoon. We can’t just call it ‘an awesome holiday’, can we? Can we?

We have been on two holidays together. One was to Melbourne. Where we got engaged. Last year. The other was last October, to Bali.

After we got home from Melbourne with my little rock on my left finger, I saw an ad for The Amazing Race.

With a sense of smugness, I asked my now-betrothed who he would choose to go on The Amazing Race with.

It wasn’t me.


He said that his mum would make a better Amazing Race partner.

Another whaaaaaaaa?

Part of me imagined feeling dejected. I pretended to be dejected. I wasn’t really dejected.

In fact, he was right. We don’t travel well together.

In Bali, I loved the early mornings when he and his brother would head out surfing for hours.  I loved just sitting by the pool, reading and not talking. I loved going to the spas with my sister-in-law-to-be.

It was only after these periods apart that I truly engaged in his company.

So, will the honeymoon just be another holiday where we might get sick of the sight of one another?

Oh sweet baby Jesus, I think I just worked it out.

It’s all about sex, isn’t it?

We already live like a married couple. I will run down my entire street in nothing but footy socks if anything in that department changes.

Maybe we should’ve made our honeymoon destination slightly more boring than the Big Apple, then who knows, we might’ve considered trying to come home with some extra carry-on luggage.

Maybe we should’ve considered somewhere tropical and sexy instead of rugging up in post-Thanksgiving New York?

You know, maybe there is perhaps there’s a part of me would rather go on a tour of the NBC studios than a tour of ‘downtown’…if you catch my drift.

Would we end up being the ones that are portrayed as the ‘fighty, incompatible, she-is-a-total-mole’ couple in The Amazing Race?

Would the Mister really have a better chance at winning The Amazing Race if he wasn’t with me?

What I can’t promise while on a holiday

  • No nudging an argument.
  • No getting sick of the sight of one another.
  • The sexiest nights of our lives.
  • No whinging on the plane.

What I can promise

  • Saying sorry – a lot.
  • An awesome Sex and the City tour.
  • A kick of the Sherrin in Central Park.
  • Afternoons alone to do what we want, that way we can meet up and chat about what unreal things we each saw.
  • Attempts to get away with what I think is an American accent.

He’s probably right though about choosing his mum for The Amazing Race – I’d spent most of the time perving on Phil Keoghan anyway.

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