So how are the wedding preparations going?

We’ve decided to change the venue of the ceremony.

I read between the lines of what the function coordinator was saying awhile ago, and the phrase ‘we’re scaling back the renovations’ was digested as ‘we may not do the renovations we promised that would be finished three months before your wedding’.

While it’s still a gorgeous venue,  I was secretly never really into the area they suggested the ceremony to be anyway.

There is a massive sign that says ‘Toilets this way’ and a ye olde hand pointing to the area of relief. I was deathly afraid of that bloody sign appearing stealth in any photos.

I still can’t get past that sign and when she said that the renovations were being ‘scaled back’, it was like manna from heaven. Well, something like that anyway.

The reason why I wanted the ceremony at the same place as the reception wasn’t to save money or anything like that, it was to cut down ‘the break’.

You know, the time between the ceremony and the reception, and this social holding pattern that can go for hours.

Three hours has been the longest I’ve been in ‘the break’ for. You can work it out by doing some quick calculations of the times listed on the invitation.

This wedding that we had a three-hour window, I only got halfway dressed for the ceremony. I wore my dress, my heels etc – but I hadn’t done my hair properly, no earrings and only wore a slap of tinted moisturiser.

Rude? Maybe. But no one remembers how I looked at the wedding. And I looked fresh-as-a-daisy when we came back for the wedding noms.

But if you’re far away from home, you can get stuck with the ‘dreaded break’.

This one involves booze.

Seriously. Try to stay away from this one if you can. Or try to just stick to a cup of tea. My greatest regret with every single wedding that I have drunk alcohol at has been drinking too early.

I know that it’s fun at the time, but hey, there will be a ton of FREE booze at the reception. Why pay for it at the pub beforehand?

So my desire to not have a ‘break’ for our guests is now not going to happen the way I wanted it to.

So where were we now going to have the ceremony?

I thought Hyde Park.

I have some amazing memories of playing there as a little tacker and my Aunty Steph used to live on Glendower Street – right across the road.

More recently, I exercise there, the Mister and I take chatty walks there, my friends and I have had a couple of picnics there – and the Moreton Bay fig trees would make some stunning pictures with their gnarly, exposed roots.

Better than a ‘toilets this way’ sign.

So it was decided. Hyde Park.

We jumped on to the Town of Vincent website to check costs and perhaps fill in a booking form.

And there it was.

Please note that Hyde Park (with the exception of HP5 and HP6) will not be available for bookings as of 1 May 2012 until further notice due to implementation of the Hyde Parks Restoration Project.

I quelled my rising panic by thinking ‘It’s OK, HP5 and HP6 – whatever the hell they are – are still available’.

Then I looked at this.

HP5 and HP6 are in the very top right hand corner of the park. For those unfamiliar with the park, this corner of the park has of a pretty major set of traffic lights.

Not ideal.

We just had to scratch the idea.

All I could think of was the ‘toilets this way’ sign.

Then. It came to me.

There was a hidden little park around the corner from my workplace that was cute as a button. About a year ago it still looked pretty new and ‘man made-ish’, but those fast growing trees might have lived up to their name by now.

We drove over to have a look, and while it is super cute, all the possible ceremony nooks had barbeques smack bang in the middle of them. But there was a part of the park that I hadn’t seen before – the ‘other side of the lake’ side.

When we got to the other side of the lakey-pond thing, things got quiet between us.

We looked at each other. We looked at the avenue of trees. We looked at the fountain. We looked at the limestone. We looked a cute little dog that was being walked. We looked at each other again.


This was totally it.