So, how are the wedding plans going?

I would like to convey my utter disappointment in the Subiaco ratepayers that live around the Subiaco Common park area.

The Mister went to reserve it last week and this is how the conversation went

  • Subiaco Council: ‘Unfortunately we do not take weddings anymore’.
  • The Mister: ‘Oh is it already booked?’
  • Subiaco Council: ‘No, we’ve had complaints from residents’
  • The Mister: ‘Complaints about weddings?’
  • Subiaco Council: ‘Yes, guests to weddings there generally disrupt the surrounding streets with parking issues’
  • The Mister: ‘Right, so no weddings’
  • Subiaco Council: ‘That’s right’

So my sincerest thanks to the ratepayers that live around Mere View Way, Juniper Bank Way and  Tighe Streets in Subiaco.

I honestly hope you’re happy with yourselves. It’s not like we’re having a booze-fuelled wedding at 3am that’s been advertised publicly on Facebook.

As my friend Kait simply put it – the people of Perth whinge about not having enough open park space, then complain when people use it.