Budget style down the aisle

So Im pretty resigned to the fact that any item ever in the world for sale has it’s price jacked-up by at least 500% when you slap the word ‘wedding’ or ‘bridal’ on it.

It turns out this is actually a good thing as it’s forced me to be savvy with shop and objects you wouldn’t really register as wedding-ish.

I challenged myself over the last few weeks to see if I could look at things from a different point of view – a wedding point of view. Such as frequenting, say a Caltex and instead of thinking, ‘Oh there are a big pile of street directories here’, you would think, ‘Ha, I could buy one of these street directories and make placemats out of colour-copying the map on page J22 and pinpointing the exact coordinates of where we met.

Yeah? You’re seeing where this is going….

The results were pretty surprising. And I only used big box places like IKEA and Bunnings.

So I challenge you to shop at unexpected places with your wed-head on and consider how much cash you might be able to save.

(click the first photo to launch the gallery)

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