44 square metres

OK. So.

Like clockwork, questions have morphed from ‘are you excited about the wedding?’ to ‘how’s married life?’

With flared nostril I assure everyone that married life is exactly the same as my life before, but adding a sparkly wink and a ‘now he’s a little harder to get rid of, you know?’

Ha ha, that really shows ’em!


But I have a secret that I’m going to share with you. There is one appliance at our place that has single-handedly kept us from a Kardashian-style marriage. (We passed the 72-day mark last week, go us!).

But I have to explain something first.

This post is called ’44 square metres’ as that is the space we live in. It’s a ridiculously tiny one-bedroom apartment.

A boyfriend of about 10 years ago remarked that he used to find apartments like this ‘hilarious’.

‘If a mate and his girl moved into a one-bedder, us blokes would just sit back and wait for them to break up. It was so funny, no one ever lasted’

This gent was clearly a real catch.

While it wasn’t something that was ‘funny’, he had a point, albeit poorly executed.

There aren’t too many spaces you can run and hide at our place when the sight of your partner flags your inner-Gollum.

It’s sometimes like this scene from Sex and the City

Carrie to Aiden: ‘I’ve never lived with anybody so I don’t know how to say this correctly, but…
I need you to not talk to me for one whole hour. 
I know that sounds selfish,
but it’s just what I need. Is that OK?
 We don’t have any other rooms yet, so I’m going to close these (doors).
 Then it’s like I’m not here.
 For one whole hour, I’m not here.’

It can be like that living with someone, and like Carrie, I had never lived with a guy either.

But out of sheer circumstance, we found something that works, our little secret to living in this sometimes too-cosy nest.

One night I was keen to have a little glass of wine and a boogie. The Mister was watching a movie. If we had a McMansion, The Mister would retreat to the ‘media room’ and I would naturally head to the ‘bar/dance studio’. Problem solved.

But what do you do when you only have 44 square metres?


The Mister watched his movie while I partied up a storm with my massive Sennheisers.

It’s genius.

My friend Kaitlyn wrapped it up perfectly….

*Pip parties have become rather notorious. I don the headphones, pour a drink and whatever song I am listening to at the time gets posted to Facebook. So effectively, people can follow the playlist as I go. This can go for HOURS. Pretty sure people have (understandably) unfriended me for clogging up their newsfeeds on a Friday night.

It also works for The Mister. At the weekend he wanted to watch not only the cricket but some American gridiron football. While I don’t mind the sport being on, it’s the commentary that drives me nuts. So he put the headphones on and I went about my business.

Just because you live with someone, a housemate, your parents, a spouse or whatever, doesn’t mean you’re going to get along with them all the time.

I need a lot of personal space. The Mister doesn’t. This way, we can be ‘together’ without feeling like we’re constantly on top of one another – something that can be a real killer in a small residence.

And when I’m listening to my tunes with the headphones on, it means he usually gets the perk of an impromptu awesome dance sequence from me.


My Sennheisers