WA, the state we pretend to hate

WA, the state we pretend to hate

Today is my 100th post. It’s also WA Day. Coincidence? Yes. My newsfeed is loaded with parochial ‘what WA means to me’ kind of stuff and pictures proudly tagged with #WAday and West Australians doing West Aussie things, such as drinking muggacinos. But WA, like any other mate of mine, we’re friends not because we have similar likes, … Continue reading

When you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring

I can’t go past a list, especially a good ol’ ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ – even more so if its on weddings. This one, well, I couldn’t help but read it aloud to The Mister in my best western suburbs roll-of-the-tongue purr. (Whatever is italicised is the original article, verbatim.) Put On Lotion, Makeup and Hair Products: … Continue reading

Why failed marriages are not ‘failures’

‘They were simply made for each other’ is what my friend’s auntie told me at the party. While I nodded, I took a big sip of my glass of sparkling and hoped to God she would just keep talking. ‘Perfectly matched,’ she said. ‘I mean, I don’t know another couple that were so meant to be, … Continue reading

Bridal magazines are just broken records

I arrived home from work this week to find a brown box on my doorstep. And instead of a Forever 21 brand emblazoned on the front, there was a handwritten ‘To Pippi, with love, Mama x’. There was no anniversary or birthday or anything I could think of that explained the gesture but, well, who … Continue reading

Wedding trends that aren’t trending anymore

A gravelly, primal ‘Noooo, that’s not right, surely!’ finds it’s way out of my mouth whenever someone says something ridiculous like ‘Yeah, 2004, that was TEN years ago’. In my mind, ’10 years ago’ was more like 1995. I still ask people what they did for NYE in 1999 and don’t judge them if they … Continue reading

Can you really afford to go to a wedding?

What I love about my mum is that, underneath her ability to make lifelong friends by saying hello in her big-but-warm singsong breeziness and successfully pull off the beige-on-beige look, she is a straight shooter. Among the ugly arguments from my teenaged years – which stretched out to my 20s and remarkably, and rarely (thank … Continue reading

The 5 types of people that stress brides out

Just try to get through one bridal magazine without seeing an article about stress. True brides, the mags will tell you, have to be doing some stressing of some kind. Why else would they come out with the obligatory ‘How To Have A Stress-Free Wedding’ or ‘Are You A Bridezilla? Take Our Ultimate Test’ every … Continue reading